Curriculum Vitae

Multimedia Artist

Performing Artist#Conceptual Artist#content developer#copy-writer

Anna Bastoni Performer, Multimedia Artist, Conceptual Artist works at Multimedia
Works using Photography, Painting, Acting and Direction in Events, Collective Exhibitions,
Biennials, Festivals in Galleries, Museums and Theaters including Macro Asilo, Maam, Macro
Testaccio, Ex Mattatoio , Teatro Quirino, Sala Nervi, Volksb├╝hne Theater Berlin, Teatro Vascello,
Orto Botanico Rome, Ex Lanificio / DAF, Galleria Altri Lavori in Corso, Galleria Piomonti, Mind
Pirates Gallery Berlin with publications on art magazines such as Art a Part of Culture , DanzaSi,
Urbanmirrors, Roma Today, InsideArt, DromeMagazine, Artribune, Undo.net for Peformances and
Personal Works and in collaboration with International Artists.