METANOVA feat. M.P.Mojtaba Panahi=MEGANOVA

METANOVA feat. M.P.Photographer


Many years ago, many millennia ago, many ages ago in the future ... 
far, far away, in a galaxy...

a Civilization discovered the Harmony of all Planets and played that music with the highest vibrations.

There was no difference between Atmosphere, Air and Water and they lived both outside and inside of it being able to breathe freely.

This civilization knew all the ways to live forever and in the best possible way.
It was a space that according to some perspectives could be considered blessed.

All his creatures in perfect harmony had found a place to create new technologies that today have come to us precisely because 
created in support of any future error would have occurred due to climate or planetary changes referring to the Planet Earth and the creature Man.

And although little is known today about the Inhabitants of Planets that once populated Atlantis, some are dedicating themselves to repropose its characteristics in new guises, to help the Planet in this delicate moment.

"Atlantis Rising" was born as a warning to remember how a great technologically advanced Civilization disappeared under the waters
for unknown reasons...

Today we want to recall her to come in aid of our contemporary civilization in order to support us in the light of extensive climate changes, partly due to natural causes such as the new position of Earth in the Universe and the inversion of its magnetic poles, as well as for many other reasons that affect all the plans, but also, and above all, for the attitude we are assuming towards the use and exploitation of its resources and the excessive neglect regarding the care and maintenance of its species during the industrialized era .

In fact, it seems that we have missed that inhabiting a planet has rules, and that in terms of resources there is something for everyone.

From the moment in which lifestyles changed and with the mechanization of work with the consequent movement towards the cities,
the harmonious relationship with nature was completely lost from sight. Harmonic or Relational.

None of the possible consequences has been taken into consideration since of course the city has different rules.

For every forgetfulness, a possible solution; to each space its use, and to each person its place.

In the long run, the cities expanded, eliminating even what little common there was as a shared value.

For each species and type of life, shared areas, but separated by increasingly complex categories based on types of possession,
income, consumption and a thousand other possible categories, so as to distance one from the other and finally bring them together on
"virtual" platforms.

The abstraction of the human being was completed.

His drive towards nature relegated to visits as in sidereal space.
His wonder in observing it from a distance as if  he was in a zoo.

But it is not known in which side of the cage.

By now, the new man, who could have enjoyed all of its fruits and wonders as in an Eden, preferred to watch him on a small screen in his hands, being able to say that he had finally made him his own, conquered him.

When, on the other hand, in spending hours struggling between metal cabins and desks between paper and plastic, he had time to just 
dream and idealize it.

We would like to recall and recall the spirit of those Warriors and Evolved Creatures who once allowed many Species to inhabit this
splendid Planet in Harmony, and who can give us the key to start rebuilding what was once the cradle of Gods and Wonders,
to apply the best of our technologies at the service of the care of its inhabitants and its places.
And we demand that Atlantis can finally re-emerge out of wars, interests and misrule.

In our performance, which intends to interact with natural spaces gently tamed by man, aware of the inviduality of Nature and weaving textures that once again are dialogues and shouts, we would like to send a message to men who do not know the existence of similar creatures who try to solicit contact and help for our human condition which has been separated for too long from 
that Planet which gives us to live and feed on.

                Photo Mojipictures
                Model Anna Bastoni aka FLARES the 👽