From life to Film: “Northern Lights the Movie”: Open Call for Directors

Coming Soon “Northern Lights” the International Short Film Project I am preparing on the Legendary Revontuli Concept. It will be a Collective research on Light on Film and will involve directors of Photography of many countries to follow a small treatment for a short movie, giving their own sight on Lighting .

The Film project is born to Support the integration of Art in Education, Therapy and Fun in everyday life, schools, Educational Institutions.From the research on the concept of light and dark as a mutation of habits in our modern world after the invention of artificial light we are working on the topic of Nature and Human beings.
When before dark and light were two different moments in our everyday living, now the natural alternation is modified by habits that incredibly intervene on our fisical and psychic world.
We want to indague on the real needs of human beings and their relation with the original state, when spirit,nature and humans were one.

I started my research from an essay on Light from the Finnish Artist: Jukka Pekka Jalovaara with the Movie “Tuohinen, a long range Patrolman” where the nordic setting of the movie finds its beauty in the work on light behind it.
Why Revontuli.Because this word begins with Re-vo, which leads immediately to Re-vo-lution.
“There are many words for the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. In Sami language, they are most often called “guovssahas” which means “the light that can be heard”, a name that is based on guovso the word for “dawn” or “dusk”. Revontuli comes from the Finnish Revon/Repo (fox) and Tuli (fire).“Revontuli. It means ‘Fox’s Fire’ in Finnish.There is an ancient legend that tells of how the fox was playing tricks on the bear. The bear eventually grew angry, and lit his tail on fire, and as he runs across the sky, he leaves his sparks everywhere for us to see …  From Revontuli, by Andrew Eddy