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WORLD PREMIERE:  sweden-turkey-portugal- denmark-macedonia-spain-lichtenstein-greece-palma-rome-france-hungary-malta-lybia-finland-iceland



Collective Northern Lights.

The Collective has the aim of making Art Circulating around Europe. Know each Others Culture enough to make differences, enhance enrichment, exploring Nuances, produce Together Art Pieces (Video,Photo,Performances,Music), mixing each other Sensibilities and affirming Personalities.

The Spot goes on these Artists:

Anna Bastoni(Rome), Jukka Pekka Jalovaara(Finland), Philip Ob Rey (Iceland­-France), Fabio Campagna (Rome-Berlin)

Countries involved: Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

Three Triangles that Create a really Effective Exchange within a Travel that has his Performative

Stops in:

  • Sweden­-Turkey-­Portugal
  • Denmark­-Macedonia-­Spain
  • Lichtenstein-­Greece-­Palma
  • Rome
  • France-­Hungary­-Malta-­Lybia
  • Finland-­Iceland

This Travel will be operated by a Collective formed by:

Fabio Campagna,Anna Bastoni, Jukka Pekka Jalovaara, Philip Ob Rey.

A Group of Musicians:

Ivan Macera, Fabio Campagna(Muerte Roja), Philip Ob Rey, Anna Bastoni, Jukka Pekka Jalovaara , Samuli Kristian Saastamoinen.

The Group is a ProgNoisePunk Collective that uses Music as a Storm.

The Travel will be done in a Van.

The Places in which the Performance will be set will be Galleries and Museums in each of the Cities mentioned.


A 1967 Finnish Salon. The furniture and the tv set, the dresses of the Artists: an Original Interpretation of Northern Lights Collection by the Finnish Fashion Designer Leinita Airisto by Anna Bastoni. At the Walls Pictures of The VHS Creatures of The North by Ob Rey.

  • At the at the TV The Movie “Tuohinen, Tuohinen, Kaukopartiomies / 11:10min 2014

by Jukka Pekka Jalovaara.

(“Stapari International Arts Summer Festival” Uzice, Serbia, 2015

“Festival L’Europe autour de l’Europe”, Paris, France, 2015

“MUU Gala”, selected videoart of the year, Orion­-Cinema, Helsinki, Finland, 2014

“UUSI MUU “, ( new members , Muu ry, curated ) MUU Studio, Helsinki, 2014

“Portobello Film Festival ” , (the biggest independent film festival in UK) , Finalist, LONDON, UK ,

  • On the Sofa:

Anna Bastoni and The Collective Herself performing:

“Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”

Performance begins. Music is played.

Diapo­-Projector with Pictures of The Travels.

Video Performance :Presentation of the Clothing Collection.Movie and Pictures.

Actress: Anna Bastoni.

Produced by CORPO 6 :

*Photo by Jukka Pekka Jalovaara