Northern Lights Project Performance 2017

Pubblicato da Anna Bastoni su Mercoledì 19 aprile 2017


Lights of me .
Trailer of a series of short art movies on an Apocalyptic Sci-fi scenario.
Like in a Videogame today we look pretty stuck in roles of living that enslave us to act as sleeping.
The character of the film founds portals and collects them to run away from any cliches of this present world.

First Project on Lights on Film within “Northern Lights Collective” is the first Script born by the research on Light in different Locations in Europe.
The first set will be in Rome,the Eternal City.
In such an historical Place the movie is filled with concepts that belong to the Enviroment and the Technological world that we live in and takes a totally a sci-fi/Fantasy apocalyptical mood…
Characters and Place belong to the 4D World of today, and consider the whole set of involvement actions that we are used to today.

“La mia città è rasa al suolo…
Restano solo macerie di quello che fu incanto per il mondo intero.
Strane creature abitano il Nostro Eden.
Animali feroci, piante velenose..Ognuno cerca riparo o azzanna quel filo sottile di realtà mentre noi vediamo avverarsi qualche nostro incubo passato dove ripararsi diventa la normalità.
Ma in questo mondo le briciole di sapere che abbiamo raccolto si possono implantare..
Se non nella realtà, in quella Realtà virtuale che stiamo creando per
poi farne la Nostra Casa, la nostra nuova

“My city is razed to the ground …

Only rubble remains of what it was

Enchantment for the whole world.

Strange creatures inhabit our Eden.

Ferocious animals, poisonous plants ..

Everyone is looking for shelter or hunting

That thin wire of reality while we

See some of ours past nightmares become the


But in this world the crumbs of

Knowledge that we have collected

Can be implanted

If not in Reality, in

The virtual reality we are creating to make

it our House, our new


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